For a lot of us gaming isn’t the same as it used to be. Sure, every now and then you can scrape together 12 straight hours for an epic session – but odds are you’ll get interrupted 12 minutes in by the boss, or by your kid, or by a house fire.

That’s why we include game stats to help you decide whether a particular game fits with your lifestyle.


  • Average Game Length: How long it will take you to play through the entire game for the first time. We try to design games that take an average of 2-5 hours to complete with as little padding as possible.
  • Average Session Length: How long you’ll need to turn off your phone & lock the door to make some progress. We try to make an average session last under 20 minutes.
  • Save System:
    None: This game is designed to be finished in one sitting. Good luck if you have kids.
    Checkpoint: You’ll have to reach the next stage or checkpoint or you’ll lose progress.
    Unlimited: Quicksave at your leisure.
  • Replay Value:
    Low: This game is designed to be played once (eg, visual novels)
    Moderate: There are achievements, secrets, or opportunities for high scores.
    High: This game is designed to be played over and over (eg, roguelikes)