The Hammer, the Anvil and the Living Steel

After suffering a crippling injury in the line of duty, you — a tough-as-nails adventurer — must find another way to make a difference in the war against ultimate evil… By creating weapons the likes of which have not been seen for millennia, reassembling an ancient forge and resurrecting the forgotten magic it once contained.

Feed the fire. Step up to the anvil. Let the raw song of iron fill you, and pour it into every stroke of your hammer-arm. Your own sweat and skill are all you need to craft wonders in the Ironsong Forge.


  • Immersive VR with hand controls
  • Forge to the beat; channel the power of ancient hymns and raw elements into your weapons
  • Gripping storyline of loss, isolation and redemption
  • Design your own swords from dozens of unique components
  • Heat, hammer, grind and sharpen with your own two hands

Coming soon to the Vive, Oculus Touch and PSVR.